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“Welcome!” to the Newest Partners of MVHC

The Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor recently launched a new program to invite organizations in our 7 county focus area to be partners with the MVHC.

It is our mission to promote our partners without the restrictiveness of paying dues. We want to have over 100. If they are partners, we would be able to advertise their organization, historic presentations, festivals, and events. And they could do the same for the MVHC. Often times, our region’s sites and events are only known to the local folk.

Collectively with our partners, we can have a stronger voice and can make more of an impact furthering our mutual missions. We can share resources, provide links to organization websites and share social media posts and newsletters. This will expand the awareness of each organization to our target audience. And, having partners gives us better leverage for grant applications and funding.

We welcome our newest partners:

Henry County Historical Society

The Henry County Historical Society formed in 1970 to protect, preserve, and perpetuate the history of Henry County, Ohio, to learn about and preserve the artifacts of the county, and to generate interest in the past of the county. Today the HCHS operates two historic museum sites in Napoleon, Ohio.

History In Your Own Back Yard

The purpose is to have a website for people to get to know about the hidden jewels in their own backyards, before they disappear forever. As the word gets out, perhaps we can help save some of them from the demolition crews.

Perrysburg Area Historic Museum

The Perrysburg Area Historic Museum’s mission is to collect and preserve historic artifacts and information from the Perrysburg area for the purpose of telling the stories and honoring the character of the Native Ameri-cans, early settlers and their families, profes-sionals, and entrepreneurs who carved a town out of the Black Swamp.

Northwestern Ohio Rails-to-Trails Association, Inc. (NORTA)

The Northwestern Ohio Rails-to-Trails Association includes major trails in Northwest Ohio. The most well-known among them are the Slippery Elm Trail, the North Country Trail, and the Wabash Cannon Trail.

Andrew L. Tuttle Memorial Museum

Andrew L. Tuttle, a lifelong resident of Defiance, Ohio, bequeathed his extensive collection of Native American artifacts, coins, documents, stamps, military memorabilia, and other artifacts, to the city of Defiance with the stipulation a museum would be established in his name. The City accepted the entire collection in 2003 and steps were taken to catalog and stabilize the collection. The Tuttle, as the museum has been nicknamed, officially opened to the public in May 2011.

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