About Us

Our Mission: “To Protect and Promote the Historical, Natural, and Cultural Resources of the Maumee River Valley”

The Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor creates partnerships in order to help residents and visitors alike appreciate the historical, natural, and cultural resources of the Maumee Valley. Our goal is to help improve quality of life by facilitating access to these resources. We hope to inspire others to be stewards of all of the wonderful parks, sites, and communities along the Maumee and of the River itself.

Our accomplishments to date include initiating studies by the National Park Service that led to Congressional designation of the Fallen Timbers Battlefield and Fort Miamis as an affiliated unit of the National Park Service, and the designation of 60 miles of roads along the Maumee River as an Ohio State Scenic Byway. We act as the managers of this segment of Scenic Byway on behalf of the Ohio Department of Transportation, and this role is one of our core initiatives.

The Maumee Valley Heritage Corridor is also committed to the development and implementation of a comprehensive resource plan for the Maumee Valley, a critical step toward future protections for all resources. Such a plan will help to educate citizens about the historical, natural, and cultural resources present between the cities of Toledo, Ohio and Fort Wayne, Indiana and the recreational and tourism, and thereby economic opportunities, they afford.

Frank Butwin – President  (21-23)
Willis Beck – Vice President  (20-22)
Annette Wells – Secretary  (2021)
Kurt Harris – Treasurer  (2021)

Kurtis Alexander  (21-23)
Carl Bauer  (20-22)
Phyllis Bidlack  (19-21)
Joel Burg  (20-22)
Herbert Delventhal  (20-22)
Patrick Dymarkowsi  (20-22)
Joan Forsythe  (21-23)
Bill Grimes  (20-22)
Thomas Haines  (21-23)
Christopher Hoff  (2021)
Martha Hogle  (21-23)
Maura Johnson  (19-21)
Matt Jones (20-22)
Judy Justus  (19-21)
Robert Kneisley  (21-23)
Neil Munger  (19-21)
Jeff Oster  (20-22)
Richard Kudner – Emeritus

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