Board Members and Officers Needed

If you are not currently on the Board and are willing to serve in that capacity (3 year terms), make sure by November 15th that you are a member for 2020
(only current members can be on the ballot) and also a paid member for 2021. We cannot vote for someone that may not be a MVHC member in 2021 because they fail to pay their dues. All Board members are expected to make at least half of the 4 Board meetings per year and to be on a committee or be an Officer. If you have questions or the willingness to be put on the ballot, please contact VP Willis Beck, Nomina-tions Committee Chair, at 419-874-8076 or

We currently have 15 Board members and are allowed up to 24. Self nomina-tions will be taken from the floor.

We also need Officers, (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer), for 2021. At this time, no one has expressed an intention to be an Officer.

Anyone can call (Frank) at 419-270-0622 or email to get an explanation of the current situation and the usual officer responsibilities for MVHC. In the end, a contact should be made to our VP Willis Beck (contact info above), Nominations Committee Chair, to get your name on the Officers ballot. Nominations will be accepted from the floor on November 15.

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