Ohio Scenic Rivers Program

The Ohio’s Scenic Rivers Program Presentation by Christina Kuchle (ODNR)

Sunday, March 21st, 2021, Nazareth Hall near Grand Rapids OH

Because of our prior deposit arrangement with Nazareth Hall for this Fall, we are postponing the presentation that we already had arranged to the new date. Hopefully, this will indeed occur but we are prepared to postpone again, or cancel altogether.

The agenda will be:

12:00 – Gather, greet, peruse organization info/display tables
12:30 – Luncheon (optional) $20 – rsvp required
1:30 – Presentation by Christina Kuchle
3:00 – Tour of Nazareth Hall building and grounds

Lunch Menu: Garden Salad, Apple Glazed Pork Roast, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Buttered Baby Carrots, Cornbread Stuf_ng, Triple Chocolate Cake, Coffee, Iced Tea.

This will be open to the public. We will make a special invitation to our MVHC members and the members of our Partnering organizations, and those that we know are “friends” of MVHC.

Please put this on your calendar and consider bringing others. All precautions will be made to follow the needed safety guidelines. We invite our Partner organizations, historical organizations, museums, and other related heritage groups, to bring brochures and information that can be set out on information display tables (provided). Please contact Frank Butwin at [email protected] or 419-270-0622 to make an arrangement for a table

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